Relationship Counselling


Have you considered talking about your relationship?

Are you going through a rough patch in your marriage or having a tough time with a close family member? Have you considered relationship counselling? Call the experienced counsellor at John Terry Psychodynamic Counsellor, to schedule an appointment. I serve Berkeley, Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas.

Resolve a complicated situation

Relationship problems are one of the most common reasons people choose to see a counsellor. Humans are complex beings, and combining all past and present emotional experiences of two people can be very complicated. Talking to a trustworthy, impartial counsellor may help you resolve your feelings.

John Terry Psychodynamic Counsellor can help you to:

• Build trust
• Increase self-esteem
• Become a more effective communicator
• Work through underlying problems or stress
• Feel acceptance in a safe environment

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I'm ready to assist you

It is easy to see only problems within a relationship, but sometimes an experienced, impartial counsellor can help find solutions. I have 20 years of supervised experience in adult counselling, and I'm ready to help you.

Are there other events in your life that are causing you stress or emotional turmoil? I am happy to assist you in whatever ways you require. I also offer counselling for bereavement, family conflicts or major life changes. Call today to set up an appointment. My services cover Gloucester, Bristol, Dursley, Stroud, Thornbury, Cheltenham, Stonehouse, Berkeley, Wotton-under-Edge and Tetbury.

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Counselling for relationship problems in Berkeley